Audio Book


Has it been a long time…since there was a spark of joy?


Are you ready to get inspired? Are you ready to get FIRED UP?


Wendy Bjork is a visionary that has overcome obstacles and built roadmaps along the way. What she has done is extraordinary.


Wendy is on a mission with a single goal: Changing the world, one woman at a time!

She empowers women to experience the power, confidence, and satisfaction that comes with feeling seen, heard and cared for by sharing holistic health practices to find joy and love life again.


It’s easier when one is shown the way.


She changed her mess into a message, been-throughs into breakthroughs.


Inside Wendy's chapters you’ll learn:

  • Live life on your own terms despite life- limiting health conditions
  • Finance – Ways to create a solid financial foundation
  • Wendy shares her plan for you to succeed and earn that life you’ve always wanted.