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You are a rock star and it's time to show the world!

Feeling empowered is a crucial feeling for anyone who wants to live a life full of purpose and fulfillment. It can help you follow your dreams, advocate for yourself and others, and navigate challenges with resilience. However, it’s not always easy to find ways to feel empowered, especially when you are experiencing adversity or feeling low.

Luckily, there are some simple and effective ways to empower yourself in order to feel more confident in the face of obstacles. One scientifically studied, transformative way to not only understand what it means to feel empowered, but to genuinely experience empowerment with each sunrise is to surround yourself with your message!

This brand new, exclusive design for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Awareness month is for all of you rock stars because people dealing with chronic conditions are freaking amazing!

We are all given challenges in life, and how we respond is directly related to how we feel.

Journal + Blueprint Bundle

Finding Gratitude Every Day and Listening to Your Body...

Finally a blueprint to have more energy, more peace, plus a step by step process to shift your life into a new blissful direction!

You Need This Journal!

It Will Remind You Of What To Steps To Take Towards a Life of Harmony & Simplicity!


  • Begin Each Week with Gratitude
  • Weekly Self-Care / Habit Trackers
  • Show the Doctor your symptom list.
  • Notes to ask your doctor list
  • Doodle/Coloring page
  • Yearly Planning Sheet
  • Easy to download and print!
  • Receive Short, Daily Guidance Emails From Wendy

All Clearly explained so you can take immediate action and have better peace of mind!!

Receive Your Hearts of Wellness Journal + Blueprint in

PDF format for only $14

Get Your Copy Today!

Let today be the first day for creating your new adventure back to Whole-ness with me!

It wasn't until 20 years into my life with multiple sclerosis that I decided I was done feeling awful, exhausted and overwhelmed. It took several years, with trying many different ideas, hiring many different mentors and making a LOT of mistakes because I just wanted to feel good again!

I knew the answers were out there, but digging through the mountains of information, going down ALL of the rabbit holes was so confusing not to mention expensive & time consuming. It took me a while to finally see results, because as we know there aren't any quick fixes.

This journey we are on is not an easy one, and having support is a very important key to living your best life. Do yourself a favor and allow yourself to benefit from a compressed timeline without a long-term commitment except to yourself.

Grab a spot for your Simplicity by Design call as a first step towards charting your new path today to experience the peace, happiness and clarity you deserve! Remember you are never too late or too early; you are always right on time!

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